Ruby Glass
Surround Yourself in Light with the Art of Stained Glass
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About Ruby Glass

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Ruby Glass is fueled with passion for light and color. The love affair for artist and craftsman.

Bridget Culligan began as a young woman in the hot shop, shaping the molten, flowing amber cylinder into a form that cooled info a vessel that solid, hard and fragile. It was a dance with fire and earth, capturing a rainbow of color.

This birth as artist lead to a productive commercial career in design and marketing and the raising of her own children as artists.

Recently Culligan was reintroduced to her that primal wonder of her youth: glass as light, as shadow, as dance of color. She trained with the professional craftsmen at the Seattle Stained Glass Company and at Covenant Art Glass to renew and begin again her relationship with the medium and has now emerged as Ruby Glass. Forging her aesthetic and abilities into working with flat glass—a medium that requires the utmost care in planning, design, precision and craftsmanship.

Stained Glass is where Culligan breaks color free from the constraints of blown forms to expand its essence into walls of light and expression, so she can share her love of beauty and light with you.